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Sharon's dad
posted by: Fred Beebe on 3/28/2015

Her dad had to be taken to Portland,Or. for brain surgery. He may not pull through. He has bleeding on the brain. Thats all I can tell you for now. Thanks for your prayers
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posted by: Eino (Sharons dad) on 3/21/2015

Please pray for Sharon's dad. He fell last night at home and had to be taken to the hospital. From what we have been told he had to have stiches in his head. Also the doctor said that he might have had a couple of mini heart attacks. He will be 98 on April 1st. They said that he would have to have 24 hour care and supervision if they release him to go home. He may have to go to assisted living or a nursing home.
I will pray 48 people are praying.
Prayers needed for my sick sister in NC
posted by: Sheila Plumber on 2/27/2015

Calling all prayer warriors. one of my older sisters named Vida has been in CCU and ICU since being admitted into the hospital 2/23/15. Doctors have determined that she has a bacterial infection of the blood. She been on antibiotics since Monday. She is due to have lumbar puncture, as well as a continuous EEG study for 24 hours starting Saturday a.m. @ 0800. I'm praying that God will completely heal her and restore her health and get her back home to her husband and young sons.
I will pray 45 people are praying.
Prayer request for healing
posted by: Mr.O. on 1/30/2015

Hi! Please pray for my mother, who is 70 years old. She has a very high bloodpressure, bad indicator of blood sugar and cholosterol. She also has problems with her physical heart and with the overweight. In her one eye burst two times a blood vessel and she cannot see with that eye anymore. Please pray that God would heal the eye. She also has cataract in both of her eyes. Please pray that God would heal that too. She has depression because her health problems. She needs also deliverance from worrying. Please pray the peace of God over her and complete healing for her body. Thanks. Be blessed, Your brother
I will pray 61 people are praying.
Praise report
posted by: Fred Beebe on 1/24/2015

Just talked to my banker and she told me that her husband that was in an auto accident went back to work this past week and that the insurance company is starting to come through with some money to cover part of the medical costs. Another prayer answered I give GOD all the glory.
Amen! 43 people are praising.
Prayer request
posted by: Mr.O. on 1/24/2015

Hallo! I will send a prayer request concerning financial breakthrough and finding a good job. I am unemployed and in debts. I have oppression because of my situation. I do have a family and I cannot support them now. Please pray that God would give me quickly a good job and give me grace to keep that job. Please pray also that God would set me free from debts. Thanks. Be blessed, Your brother in Christ
I will pray 75 people are praying.
house set on fire
posted by: Fred Beebe on 1/22/2015

Please pray for David and Sandra Guyton. There grandson Ronnie set their home on fire again Wednesday evening. Praying for Ronnie also that he gets the help he needs away from the Guytons so they can all live peaceful and productive lives.
I will pray 100 people are praying.
posted by: Sarah Reno on 12/3/2014

my mom was taken to the ER last night , she has pneumonia. Please pray for healing, quickly.
I will pray 48 people are praying.
New Website
posted by: Becky on 10/9/2014

Praising God for your new website!
Amen! 50 people are praising.