Volunteer Packet

Change Pointe Church
P.O. Box 253
Conroe, TX 77305-0253
Policies & Procedures: Safety and Security
Churches need to be prepared!  This is the legal reason for creating safety policies, but there’s a deeper, more significant reason—to protect the people.  Policies are only printed expressions of the value placed on people.  If the only reason for safety policies is to protect the organization, the church has missed God’s love for people.
Some people may think that our church “knows” everyone and that there is no need to worry about these safety problems.  Remember it’s much easier to make plans and develop safety policies as a means of prevention, rather than wait until they are needed as a reaction.
Churches tend to take the biblical concept of trusting God to an extreme.  They think nothing bad can happen to Christians.  We must not be unwise regarding people’s safety.  There is no automatic protection from evil for the faithful.  We’re to watch and be ready.  Accidents can happen.  There will always be unforeseen circumstances that need to be handled.  The church should build into its organization sturdy, safety-policies—fire blocks to protect people.
Change Pointe Church desires to be “a church that cares” through the implementation of these policies.  Adoption of these provisions will enable Change Pointe Church to provide a more safe and secure environment for each individual of our church family and its guests.
It is the purpose of the Board of Directors and staff of Change Pointe Church to provide a safe and secure environment for infants, preschoolers, children, youth, mentally handicapped persons and adults entrusted to our care.  We do this to encourage people to grow in their relationship with God and one another.
A safe and secure environment includes a formal, written policy to help prevent the occurrence of abuse—especially abuse of minors.  The following policy and procedures are for the protection of our infants, preschoolers, children, youth, employees, volunteers and our entire church family.
This policy shall apply to all current and future workers, compensated and/or volunteer, who will have the responsibility of supervising the activities of infants, preschoolers, children, youth, mentally handicapped persons and adults.
Any sexual activity with a minor—whether in the home by a caretaker, in a day care situation, a foster/residential setting, or in any other setting, including on the street by a person known or unknown to the child.  The abuser may be an adult, an adolescent, or another minor, provided the minor is four years older than the victim.
 Sexual abuse of minors may be violent or non-violent.  All minor sexual abuse is an exploitation of the minor’s vulnerability and powerlessness in which the abuser is fully responsible for the action.
Sexual abuse of a minor is a criminal behavior that involves placing minors in sexual behaviors for which they are not personally, socially, and developmentally ready.
DEFINITIONS: For the purpose of this policy the following definitions shall apply:
1.   “Infant”, “preschooler,” “child,” “children,” “youth,” “teen”, and “minor” shall be defined as any individual under the age of eighteen (18). Individuals who are physically or mentally impaired are defined as impaired adults.
2.   “Adult” shall be defined as any individual at least eighteen (18) years of age.
3.   “Worker/Volunteer” shall be defined as any adult who serves as a volunteer and/or paid person given the responsibility of working with or caring for minors.
4.   “Teenage or Youth Worker” shall be defined as any worker at least fourteen (14) years old or older, but under the age of eighteen (18) enlisted to assist with the care of minors.
5.   “Child Abuse” shall be defined as verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse of an infant, preschooler, child, youth, or minor.
6.   “Criminal Background Check” (CBC) is the procedure used to check the background of adult worker/volunteers for criminal activity.
In the event that abuse of a minor is suspected, it is the policy of this church that the worker or volunteer suspecting abuse, immediately notify the Pastor.
It is the policy of this church to adhere to and follow the statutes of the State of Texas in regards to reporting suspected child abuse or neglect.

Change Pointe Church
Worker/Volunteer Application
Employees, teachers of minors, workers/volunteers of activities or programs for minors and worker/volunteers of Change Pointe Church must have completed a Worker/Volunteer Information Form—a photograph will be required. Included in the application process is a criminal background check providing personal and confidential information necessary to perform security checks. It is understood that references will be checked by members of church administration. 
While this process understandably trespasses into the privacy of our lives, the security of our children outweighs the personal invasion inherent with such investigation and disclosures.  All personal information that is voluntarily disclosed the results of all security background and reference checks or the refusal of any person to participate in a program or activity in lieu of such disclosure requirements will be maintained in the strictest of confidence.
Name:  ________________________________________ Date:  ___________________
Address:  _______________________________________________________________
City:  _________________________ State:  ________________  Zip:  _____________
Home Phone:  _______________________ Cell Phone:  _________________________
Email: _________________________________________________________________ 
How long have you resided at the above address? ______________ 
If less than 2 years, what was your previous address? ____________________________
Sex:  Male or Female (circle one)     Applicants Age:  ____________________________
Marital Status:   Married    Single    Divorced     Widowed (circle one)
If married spouse’s name:  _________________________________________________
Children’s names and ages: ________________________________________________
Are you employed, if so by whom? __________________________________________
Employers Address:  ______________________________________________________
Work phone:  _________________________ Current position: ____________________
How long have you worked at this job?  ______________________
Name of previous employer: ________________________________________________
Please provide us with 2 references other than family members:
Name:  ______________________________ Telephone:  ________________________
Name:  ______________________________ Telephone:  _________________________
Have you accepted Jesus Christ as you personal Lord and Savior?  __________________
If so when? ______________________________________________________________
How long have you attended Change Pointe Church?  ___________________________
Do you Consider Change Pointe Church your home church? ___________________________
Are you in agreement with the Tenants of Faith held by Change Pointe Church? _______
Do you tithe to Change Pointe Church? ________________________________________ 
What areas of ministry are you interested in?
  • Adult Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Outreach Ministry 
  • Youth Ministry
  • Music Ministry
  • Other – Please Specify _________________________________________________________

Volunteer/Worker’s Statement: The information contained in this worker/
Volunteer application form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize any of my references to provide any information, including opinions, which they may have regarding my character and fitness for work including but not limited to work with minors.
I waive any right that I may have to inspect any information provided about me by my references in this screening process.
Should my application be accepted, I agree to be bound by the policies of Change Pointe Church and refrain from unscriptural conduct in the performance of my services as my own free act. 
Print Name:  ______________________________ Date:  _________________________
Applicant’s Signature:  ___________________________________
Parental Permission for worker/volunteers who are minors:
I give permission for my minor child, ______________________________ to work or volunteer as a helper in the children’s ministry of Change Pointe Church. I understand that my minor child will be working under the supervision of an adult and will be required to follow the policy and procedures of Change Pointe Church. I further understand that my child must be 14 years of age at the time of this application to qualify to volunteer in children’s ministry. Minors are not subject to Criminal Background Checks.
Applicant’s printed name: _______________________________
Applicant’s signature: ______________________________ Date: _____________
Parent or legal guardian’s signature: _________________________ Date: ____________

Change Pointe Church
Code of Ethics and Guidelines
While acting in the capacity as an adult/youth/children/preschool/nursery/handicapped worker or volunteer of Change Pointe Church, the following guidelines shall apply.
  1. Workers/volunteers will treat all people of all races, religions and cultures with
respect and consideration.
  1. Workers /volunteers shall not use or tolerate profanity while at Change Pointe Church or participating in any Change Pointe Church activities.
  1. Workers /volunteers must be free of physical and psychological conditions that might adversely affect the health of the public—including but not limited to contagious disease.
  1. Workers /volunteers will portray a positive role model by maintaining an attitude of respect, loyalty, patience, courtesy and maturity.
  1. Workers /volunteers are expected to act and react with Christian love and understanding in all situations.
  1. Workers/Volunteers shall not display or demonstrate sexual activity, sexual advances, abusive conduct or insinuation of abuse towards another individual including but not limited to minors.
  1. Workers/Volunteers shall not inflict physical or bodily injury to any person including but not limited to minors.
  1. Workers/Volunteers shall not physically neglect a minor or an impaired adult, including failure to provide adequate supervision in relation to the activities of Change Pointe Church.
  1. Workers/Volunteers shall not have or possess any obscene or pornographic materials at any function of Change Pointe Church.
  1. Using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol, illegal or illicit drugs while at Change Pointe Church or any function of Change Pointe Church is prohibited.  Specifically—providing alcohol, illegal or illicit drugs to a minor or impaired adult is prohibited; being under the influence of alcohol, illegal or illicit drugs in the presence of a minor or impaired adult is prohibited, smoking or using tobacco products in the presence of minors or providing tobacco or tobacco products to a minor or impaired adult is prohibited.
  1. Workers/Volunteers agree to abide by the 2 worker rule—you must ensure that another adult can observe the workers who are with a minor or impaired adult, other than their own child, at all times. Teen workers may work alongside an adult but they are never to be left alone with a minor or an impaired adult.
  1. Workers/Volunteers agree to honor the no window, no closed door rule while in the presence of a minors or impaired adult—the ability to view the caregiver through a window, door or being in the same room, at all times.
  1. In the event elementary aged children require adult supervision for visits to the bathroom, the adult worker will check the bathroom and determine that it is safe and secure prior to the child entering. The worker will stand in the hall outside of the bathroom until the minor emerges and escort the minor to the classroom.
  1. Toddlers and preschool age children who need assistance in the restroom will utilize the bathroom adjoining the nursery classroom and will be assisted by the adult worker—the door shall be slightly ajar—respecting the privacy of the minor and a second worker will stand outside of the door.
I understand that as a worker /volunteer for Change Pointe Church I will be subject to a criminal background check, including criminal history. Personal references will be checked in the processing of my worker/volunteer application. I further understand that every one to two years my CBC and personal information will be updated.
I understand that violation of any aspect of this code will be grounds for removal as a worker/volunteer for Change Pointe Church.
I covenant to do my best to support the ministry of Change Pointe Church through active worship, regular attendance and by modeling good stewardship. I commit to unity, teamwork and biblical respect for church leadership. I pledge to attend regularly scheduled training meetings, respect confidentiality, and allow others opportunities for growth. It is my heart to be a good representation of Jesus to all I encounter.
Print Name:  ____________________________________   Date:  __________________
Applicant’s Signature:  ____________________________________________________